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Frequently Asked Question!

Based on the availability, you can generally expect to receive your delivery within one business days

When a medication is first developed, the manufacturer has patent rights on the formula and/or compound. Once this patent right expires, other companies can produce generic versions of the drug that meet the same FDA requirements and regulations as the brand name drug. Most insurance companies require generic substitutions unless specifically requested by the prescriber or patient.

Side effects from medications are varied. If you are experiencing general discomfort such as nausea, a rash or a headache, contact your doctor’s office. If you are experiencing chest pain, hives, a rash all over your body, or severe shortness of breath, call 911.

Assuming you are a walk-in customer, we try to fill a prescription within 10 minutes, but due to the work load, this is not always possible. To avoid delays, you can call ahead so that the prescription will be ready to be picked up.

If you are planning a trip and your current supply of medications will run out while you are away, discuss your needs with a member of the pharmacy staff as early as possible.
In special circumstances with the appropriate documentation, early refills may be requested through your payer, or prior arrangements can be made to ship your medications to you.

What to do when you miss a dose will be different depending on the drug and the directions for its use.  Always call your pharmacist to find out what to do when you miss a dose.

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