Facia Slim maintains health and wellbeing

Dermatologically tested.

It helps to improve blood circulation Purification and reduce the irritable bowel syndrome.

Helps to control blood Sugar and reduce heart diseases

Australian Made,Australian Owned

Each Tablet Contains:

Camelia Sinesis(Green tea)leaf extract dry conc.(25:1) 100mg
Equiv. to dry camwllia sinensis leaf 2.5 g
Contains maximum caffeine 10mg
Coffea canephora seed extract dry conc.(12:1) 66.67mg
Equiv. to dry coffea canephora seed 800mg
Contains Caffeine 3.33mg
Contains Chlorogenic acids 33.34mg
Garcinia gummi-gutta(Garcnia cambogia)
fruit peel extract dry conc.(8:1) 750mg
Equiv.to dry Garcinia gummi-gutta fruit peel 6 g
Contains Hydroxycitric acd 450mg


1 to 2 tablets daily with meal or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner,Consult if symptoms persist


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