ENFAGROW A+ 4 (for 3 years) 400 g


When you feed your child Enfagrow you nourish the development that helps your toddler reach milestones.

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DHA is a major constituent of brain & visual structure and function. Enfagrow A+ stage 4 has highest level of DHA (75mg/day in 3 servings) that helps a child to meet expert recommended levels for daily DHA intake* when supplement to usual diet.

In addition, Enfagrow A+ Stage 4 provides adequate nutrition for the proper function of a child’s immune system. A well-nourished child has better resistance to infections, therefore is better able to achieve his/her optimal learning potential. Enfagrow A+ Stage 4 also contains Triple Health Guard, a unique blend of nutrients including DHA, prebiotics, and various important micronutrients that helps child’s immune health in 3 important aspects:

1. Respiratory Health

2. Gut Health

3. Resistance against other common infections

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