Lacto Calamine is known to help a large scale of people to deal with various skin conditions such as oily skin, acne, diaper rashes, dandruff and more.


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  • Can be used for every skin type, for children as well as for adults in all seasons (any weather condition).
  • Helps protect from prickly heat, sun burns and skin allergies.
  • Morison’s Lacto Calamine Lotion consists of Zinc Oxide which prevents skin from harmful UV rays, thereby it prevents skin darkening. Also it contains Kaolin, which rubs dead skin away.
  • Calamine is a soothing and protective application for eczema (rashes).
  • Also “Witch Hazel” helps heal minor skin wounds and rashes (can be used for pimples)
  • Can be used daily at any time even as a foundation for make-ups.
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