Dreamron Semi-Permanent Eco Hair Color is the newest innovation that is specially formulated for the people who are allergic to normal oxidative hair colorants which contain PPD & Ammonia

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Semi-permanent hair colours from Dreamron Eco Hair Color,
Over the last five years we have received many requests from our customers for a safer more
natural hair colouring kit, we first produced home colours without Ammonia,after further research
we launched a range of home permanent and Semi-permanent colour kits with no PPD & Ammonia
all of these chemicals where replaced with less aggressive ingredients, while still maintaining great
colour and hair coverage.

Dreamron Semi-Permanent Eco Hair Color is the newest innovation that is specially formulated for the people who are allergic to normal oxidative hair colorants which contain PPD & Ammonia. This is a gentle blend of unique herbal powders with HC colorants. It gives your graying hair a natural dark brown color which is very similar to black, leaving them looking younger & healthier.


  • Added Natural Henna powder and Indigo Henna powder deliver its beneficial properties to the hair
  • while coloring giving stronger & healthy hair.
  • The herbal blend nourishes the hair, enhances the natural black shine and gives healthy hair growth.
  • This PPD & Ammonia free hair color can be used for the people who are allergic to oxidative hair colorants.
  • This herbal hair color is effective to use at the begining of appearing gray hair. As this is a herbal blend,
  • It will help to delay the appearing of more gray hair.
  • It gently covers your gray hair giving natural black shade and lasts for 10-15 washing times.
  • Safety for the hair & scalp is assured.
  • Easy to prepare and easy to apply.
  • No harsh odors when preparing or applying, as it does not containing Ammonia or Hydrogen Peroxide.

Important Advice

  • This formula contains herbal powders with mild hair colorants. Rarely it may cause  allergic reactions in certain cases  and  therefore it is advisable to perform a skin   sensitivity test 48 hours before the application ( see the below)
  • Do not use this product if your scalp has malfunction of wound, swelling, eczema and  so on.
  • Do not use this herbal hair color on eyelashes or eyebrows.
  • Avoid the product contact with the eyes. If it contacts with them, rinse out  immediately & thoroughly with plenty of water.
  • Before start coloring, check whether your skin, neck and shoulders are adequately  covered to prevent from staining.
  • If your skin contact with the product, wipe it off immediately with a damp paper or  towel.
  • Wear protective gloves throughout the process. •Never keep unused mixture for future application.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.

Allergy Test

  • Apply a little amount of the prepared mixture on a small patch of the skin (previously cleaned)
  • on the inside of the elbow or behind the ear.
  • Leave it for 48 hours without rinsing.
  • If there is no sign of itching, burning, reddening or inflammation within 48 hours of  period, the product can be used.

Instructions For Use

Preparation of the mixture

Get a sufficient amount of powder into a plastic or a glass bawl.

Add boiling water little by little while mixing until it becomes a loose paste.

(Color result will be depend on the temperature of the water.

Therefore always use  boiling water to prepare the color mixture)Keep the mixture until comes to normal temperature to apply on the hair.


  • Apply the paste evenly on the hair using an application brush.
  • Leave it for 45min. To get darker result.
  • Rinse well with water until water runs clear.
  • Shampoo hair gently and then apply a suitable conditioner.
  • Apply 4 consecutive days.
  • This color result will be retaining for 14 days.
  • To maintain the black color you should apply the color once for two weeks or when you  feel appearing of grey hair.


  • Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis powder, Phyllanthus  Emblica powder,
  • Camellia Sinensis Leaf powder, Sapindus Mukurossi  powder,
  • Acacia Concinna Powser, Isatis Tinctoria Leaf powder,
  • Lawsonia Inermis Leaf Powder, HC Blue No.2,
  • HC Red No.3, Sodium Carbonate


  • Store in a cool & dry place.
  • Avoid from direct sunlight.


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