Arkocapil (Hair & Nail)


Does your hair look dull and lack volume? Do your hair and nails feel brittle? Forcapil® Fortifying Hair and Nails, with its fortifying formula, combines a set of active ingredients to restore Vitality, Shine and Strength to your hair and nails.

Forcapil®: a complete formula for your hair and nails

Our hair is mainly composed of keratin, a protein which gives it its elasticity, resilience and shine. Keratin is synthesised from sulphur-containing amino acids – cystine and methionine – enhanced by the action of zinc and B-group vitamins. It is also one of the major constituents of our nails.

Using their expertise, Arkopharma Laboratories have specially developed Forcapil® Fortifying Hair & Nails: a complete formula containing sulphur-containing amino acids (cystine and methionine), vitamins and minerals that have been rigorously selected by the Group’s experts.

  • Zinc contributes to normal synthesis of proteins, such as keratin, as well as maintaining beautiful nails.
  • Vitamin B8 contributes to the maintenance of healthy, manageable and easy-to-style, shiny and resistant hair.
  • Vitamin B9 contributes to the normal synthesis of amino acids. Vitamin B6 contributes to the normal synthesis of cysteine, which is itself used to make cystine. Vitamin B6 also contributes to normal protein metabolism.

Forcapil® Fortifying Hair and Nails, clinically tested efficacy

The Forcapil® product was the subject of a clinical study carried out over 6 months on 40 subjects. The results of the study are as follows.

List of ingredients

L-cystine – Bulking agent: cellulose – L-Methionine – Vitamin B5 – Zinc oxide – Anti-caking agent: magnesium stearate – Vitamin B6 – Vitamin D3 – Vitamin B8 (Biotin or vitamin B7) – Vitamin B9. Capsule shell: gelatine – Colouring agents: titanium dioxide, iron oxide


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